Anti counterfeit solution for Tullis Russell Coaters

Symbiosis delivers MILSPEC / GAMP certified anti counterfeit solution to £350 million market.

The business challenge.

The financial commitment required to bring a new product to market is a serious undertaking and one that requires rigorous attention to detail and to thoroughly reassure the companies Board of Directors and ultimately Shareholders of the validity of the proposal and its likely ability to deliver return on investment.

Symbiosis already had a strong reputation with Tullis Russel Coaters as well as a deep understanding of the companies business, its products and services.

We were initially engaged to provide a value assessment of a new anti counterfeit system. This involved the identification of and the system’s potential to a variety of target market sectors including pharmaceuticals, defence and homeland security, the Passport Office, luxury packaging manufacturers, retailers voucher scheme managers and the drinks industry. It was also important for the company to understand the likely infrastructural requirements of entering these markets prior to writing the business case.

The work involved.

  • Planning and stakeholder engagement at local and group board level.
  • Development and testing of a prototype system.
  • Briefing and management of software developers and vision system and process engineering specialists.
  • An extensive understanding of the figures behind the financial case.
  • The delivery of a formal business case across a number of market sectors, with particular reference to pharmaceuticals.
  • Understanding of varying cost implications ranging from ‘full pilot integration’ to ‘proof of system concept’.
  • Provision of supporting documentation and acquisition of GAMP / MILSPEC certification.

Value delivered

As arguably the biggest, most important project outside the companies main area of expertise, success of the project was likely to have a major impact on the business currently conducted by Tullis Rusell Coaters.

Combined with a sophisticated vision system, this single point authentication system could eliminate counterfeiting across multiple sectors.

The system worked to provide a cost-effective way of identifying counterfeit goods across multiple global trade areas to enable the easy identification of tampering from a single recognisable source. Benefits included:

  • Reduced costs of identification of suspect product when compared to existing strategies.
  • Increased speed to market of product across supply chain.
  • Identification and pinpointing supply chain weaknesses.
  • Provision of a substantial hinderance to ‘illegal diversion’ across pan global distribution networks.
  • A simple and cost effective solution.
  • Close integration with existing systems and enables improved decision making by delivering accurate intelligence.

Return in investment.

The budget for the development was in the region of £450,000 and our management and involvement has opened the door to new markets worth more than £350 million per year.